Secure Visual & Network Entertainment

Our services range from professional sound system integrations – to entertainment displays and menu signage.

We design and integrate multi-vendor solutions to visually entertain, securely.
Install secure camera systems and networks.
Provide a guest wireless experience that will keep customers coming back.

 Displays & Audio That Keep Them Coming Back

Net-Ability designs and deploys the most advanced restaurant installations including live television, menu boards, projection and signal distribution. We specialize in creating smart spaces, but that's more than just simple marketing mantra - it's a customer service philosophy. Net-Ability employs an expert team of creative and knowledgeable individuals who possess an insatiable passion for technology. We will work with you to identify the specific challenges you face, and then collaborate with you to craft custom systems that directly address the issues. Simply put, we use our expertise to make technology work for you.

digital menus

Digital Menus.

Increase sales and provide cost saving over time, eliminate printing and other related costs. Improve customer dining experience with social media interaction and customized menu selections. Guests will enjoy customized media content and personalized marketing.

data security

Data Security.

Restaurant owners must be vigilant about balancing payment information protection with guest experience. A properly designed and installed network infrastructure is necessary to make this possible. Integration of IoT devices to monitor your investment is a Net-Ability core competency.

fully customizable

Fully Customizable.

Flexible configurations allow you to add new capabilities without replacing an entire infrastructure. Net-Ability will design and install solutions that allow you to grow and adapt to new technologies.

data security

Guest Security.

Net-Ability's unique security solutions provide guests with a private network so they can enjoy internet based services without the worry of unwanted access to their devices.

custom alerts

Custom Alerting.

Your network is monitored at all times for issues with equipment at your property. Should a device fail, any number of contacts onsite will receive automated or personalized alerts

designed for mobile

Designd for Mobile.

Net-Ability will design each system with mobile access at top of mind. Viewing security cameras live and historical footage from a mobile device is available to make you more efficient. Developing preset display viewing and enabling tablet control devices is a standard approach from Net-Ability.


Dedicate business time for doing business.

With Net-Ability Managed IT Services your team will be more productive, up-to-date and more secure. Let Net-Ability focus on solutions that help reduce costs, increase reliability, ease the burden of management and maximize flexibility.

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"We have been partnering with Net-Ability for about 10 years now. As our needs have changed over the years, Net-Ability has provided direction and support to help us continue to meet our goals. They are mindful of our budgets and have always helped us find the best solution to fit our needs." – Technology Director, Construction Co.